The 70s-Our Starting Point

I said our home could have been a set on That 70s Show; I wasn’t exaggerating.  So I pulled out some photos from our moving day in August of 2005 to show you.  Seeing is believing, as they say.

It’s funny the emotions these images brought up.  First, I’m so GRATEFUL at how far we’ve come.  Second, I’m embarrassed by some of the things we haven’t changed.  I also feel I now have indisputable proof of my “Can do” attitude.  Where we are is miles from here. We may still have miles to go nut seeing such stark progress relieves some of the angst over what hasn’t been done. And MOST important of all…  Where did that baby go?!!!  How did she become a teenager?!  Seeing her that little….  That’s a whole different post. Let’s get back on track and travel back to the groovy days, shall we?

The Family Room – affectionately referred to as the cave.


The Foyer and Dining Room – Don’t have a glass of wine & try to walk through the foyer.  You’d be dizzy for sure.


The Living Room – I know you’re jealous of my harvest gold shag and jail like spindles.


The Mudroom

The Kitchen and Eating Area


Bedroom #1 – You know it’s bad when a 4 year old boy wants you to paint it before he sleeps there.


Bedroom #2 – Feeling patriotic?


Bedroom #3 – What?  Neutral?


The Hall Bath – The Green Room


The “Master Bath” – SO tiny!


The Master Bedroom


Tell the truth…  After seeing all of this, do you think I was a crazy person or…  like me, did you see potential?



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    1. Right?!! It makes me feel a LOT better about where I am. How about those blinds? Wood with woven yarn!!

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