Hello 2018! Nice to meet you.

Happy New Year!!  Unlike the other organized bloggers in the world, I really kind of ghosted in the last week or so.  If I’m being honest, I’m not beating myself up about it, either.   The holidays are about friends and family and being present.  That’s hard to do when connected to a computer.  Add to that, my efforts to deliver photos to people before Christmas and the week(s) leading up to the holiday were a bustle of activity.  That week between Christmas and New Year?  We will refer to that as “pj and slipper week”.  I spent nearly every day in a true state of hygge:  relaxing in my pajamas and my new slippers.

As you’ve probably guessed, we haven’t done much with our kitchen in the last couple of weeks.  We got it to a workable point and turned our attention to the holidays.  Once the kiddos get back in school (the day after tomorrow), I’ll start tackling it again.  My wonderful family gave me some Lowe’s gift cards so you can rest easy that I’ll be putting them to good use.

In the meantime, though….  I’m probably going to add another project to my list.  I need to warm up this house!!  I’m FREEZING!!!  I’ve always known that older houses are a little drafty.  (Sidenote:  accepting that a 45 year old house is “older” really hurts my 50 year old heart.)

In all our years here, we never put the thermostat very high, anywhere from 62-66.  I know…  Now you’re understanding my love of pajamas, slippers and sweatshirts.  It’s cold in here.  Scratch that.  It’s freaking cold in here!!  I reasoned with myself that a colder house makes my not so PDA husband snuggle with me more.  Really, though, it just keeps the gas bill from owning me.  The other night, we had guests.  For their comfort, I bumped the heat up to 70.  It was LIFE CHANGING!!  I was comfortable.  I wasn’t cold.  I didn’t have to wear my fingerless gloves while typing.  So now, I’m on a quest.  I need to seal up some drafts…  and get new windows and doors…  without a big budget.  Stay tuned on that.

In the meantime, enjoy this holiday, snuggle up in this crazy cold and have an amazing 2018!!