What to wear when you paint.

Ever watch HGTV?  Safe bet is yes or else you wouldn’t be reading this blog.  I love watching all the home shows.  I get so excited seeing what people can do with the space they already have but there’s one thing I just don’t get…  How on earth do those designers always seem to wear really nice clothes and not get a speck of paint on them while painting?  I marvel at that every single time I see it.  I’m sure they get the painting “shot” and then the painting crew comes in to finish the job but still…  For one brief minute, we are given the idea that we can paint in my clothes and not ruin them.

Truth be told, I’m kind of a messy painter.  I always have to scrub my hands and after painting, my clothes look like a Jackson Pollock painting.  I am wondering if I should invest in this little gem from Amazon…


Who doesn’t want to look like a giant marshmallow?  I’m not a vain person but I am fairly certain that in my current overweight condition, I couldn’t wear this—even in the privacy of my own home—without bursting into tears and winding up in the corner sucking my thumb and rocking back and forth.  I’ll save this suit for the HazMat guys.


Truth be told, my painting clothes look like I’m having a pajama party.  I wear an old pair of pajama pants and old t-shirt.  And they have all the colors of rooms past:  swiss coffee, warm muffin, polar white, lily lavendar, burgundy wine, ocean pearl and bittersweet chocolate.  Just like a crayon box with all the colors.

For my next paint job, I’ll probably have to come up with a new painting outfit.  My current one is SO old, it’s falling apart.  What about you?  What do you wear to paint?

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