Wall cabinets

As we all too quickly approach the holidays, I have to admit, the kitchen work is on the back burner.  Andy and I got the wall cabinets moved which is a huge step toward normalcy. Are you wondering what the dark line is?  It looks like we didn’t put the cabinets up to the ceiling […]

Moms and holiday stress

I bet you’ve noticed that it’s the holiday season.  The holidays  are so hectic.  There is so much to cram into a few short weeks:  parties, shopping, decorating, cooking baking, wrapping gifts, finding awesome hiding places for gifts, culminating in planning a large meal and all along the way, there’s a lot of pressure (mostly […]

Moving kitchen cabinets

Do you ever ask a question and you know the answer you want but you want someone else to validate your thoughts?  Well…  True confession…  I totally wanted you all to say “Move those cabinets!”  (And I totally wanted you to say it in your best game show voice).  Thankfully, most of you agreed.  Convincing […]

One week…

The last photo of my kitchen you saw was from all of its groovy glory.  We’ve changed a few things since then so don’t be surprised by the lack of citrus stripes.  And since this whole appliance excitement is probably going to prompt another round of changes, I’ll share photos of the whole look a […]

Where are they now?

You know how at the end of a documentary or movie about real events, there’s the “Where are they now?” section?  That’s kind of what this point feels like in the blog.  I shared with you how we bought our house.  I shared some of the twelve years since then and now…  Where are we? […]

One more thing

In my last post, I shared with you our struggles of the last dozen years but there is one piece of the past that I held back on sharing.  I held back partly because it’s so deeply personal.  It’s hard to share.  I also held back because I don’t want to overwhelm you with bad […]

The Last 12 years

I could certainly, over multiple blog posts, fill you in on every last detail of our time since moving to Our Bright Road but I’d much rather look ahead.  At the same time, though, I feel like what we went through explains our “now” and it may be a cautionary tale for others so here […]

The 70s-Our Starting Point

I said our home could have been a set on That 70s Show; I wasn’t exaggerating.  So I pulled out some photos from our moving day in August of 2005 to show you.  Seeing is believing, as they say. It’s funny the emotions these images brought up.  First, I’m so GRATEFUL at how far we’ve […]