When 20 degrees feels like a heat wave, you KNOW it’s been stupid cold.  So, I started my quest to warm up my house.  Our house has 2 dryer hook ups–1 in the mudroom and 1 in the basement.  We started with the laundry in the mudroom but I couldn’t stand it.  Putting clothes away isn’t my family’s strong suit so we moved the laundry to the basement.  Well…  that left me with an unused dryer vent hole.

I started on the outside.  I glued the flap shut so air couldn’t come in.

Then, I had to work on the 4-5″ between my wall and the outside.

Yes…  That’s daylight you’re seeing.  I used Great Stuff from Lowes to fill the hole.


I know.  It’s not pretty but…  it’s a lot better than a hole stuffed with a towel.  And… it’s not permanent…  If I ever get too old to go down the basement steps for laundry, I can remove what I did and use it again.

I plan on cleaning it up a bit but…  you know I can’t leave that foamy hole just open like that.

Cue the internet…

Turns out, since most people actually use their dryer vent holes, there are not a lot of attractive options to cover a vent hole.  Thankfully, I found this.

 from Vent Masters.  It was, by FAR the most attractive option.    I probably should have waited to post this after I receive it but…  what can I say?  I’m a smidge impatient.

Now…  My feet don’t immediately freeze when I walk through the mudroom.  That feels like a win when it’s only 14 degrees outside.