Growth ruler (Part 1)

When we last spoke, I was trying to figure out how to transfer those precious height hash marks off the wall…  I know that I want to transfer them to a wood piece.  If we ever move from here, I want to be able to keep that with me.  It always makes me a little sad to see the previous owners’ hash marks inside the pantry door.

So…  I went to see my friends at Lowe’s—again.  I bought an 8 ft 1′ by 8” piece of Poplar.  I spent a little time this afternoon staining it.  I first used a Pecan Minwax Stain.

It’s a nice warm color .  (Pardon the basement rainy day photo.)  I wanted a little more depth and variation to the color so I went to see what else we had.  I found an Olympic stain my mom had so I figured I’d risk it.  It was New Ebony so…  dark…  I brushed on a few dark strokes where I wanted to highlight the wood grain.

I let it soak in for just a second or two before I wiped the whole board with an old rag.  The result is a look I really like.

It has more depth and color variation.  I know…  Playing with stain is scary.  If you’re the type of person who likes things “just so” then maybe don’t try this.  If you’re feeling a little adventurous, then go for it.  The worst thing that could happen is you would have a big piece of firewood and have to get a new board.  That’s not so awful…

Honestly, for me, getting over the fear of it not being exactly what I want is my biggest hurdle.  If I forgive myself enough to allow myself a mistake…  or two…  things usually work out.

Now…  While the stain is drying, the big question is what comes next?  Most people make a giant ruler.  I could do that.  It’s good.  It works.  It makes sense.  I’m just not sure it’s me….



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