Giant Industrial Ruler Tutorial

Materials Needed

1-1″ x 8″ x 8′ piece of wood (I used Poplar)
stain color of choice (I used Golden Pecan from Minwax)
3-aluminum yardsticks
Safety Goggles
8- #6 x 3/4″ metal screws
7-wooden numbers
Chalkboard Paint
Super Glue
Measuring tape
Chop saw

STEP ONE:  Lean your piece of wood against the wall where you want to hang it.  If necessary, cut it to fit the height of your wall.  I had to cut about 1/2″ off mine.

STEP TWO:  Sand and stain your wood to your desired color.  I used Golden Pecan from Minwax

STEP THREE:  Arrange your first yardstick on the wood.  Take care that it is aligned evenly with the edge of the wood.  I used a second yardstick to keep it even.

STEP FOUR:  Plan out how many screws you want.  I used 3 screws for the full yardsticks and 2 screws for the shorter yardstick.  Mark where you want your screws to go.

STEP FIVE: Drill 3 pilot holes through your yardstick and the wood.  WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES.  Drilling & screwing through metal creates metal shavings that would be very harmful to your eyes.


STEP SIX: Keep those goggles on and place 3 screws into the pilot holes.

STEP SEVEN:  Align the 2nd yardstick with the first yardstick.  Take care to keep it level with yardstick below it and plumb with the edge of the wood.  Again, I suggest using the third yardstick to keep them aligned.

STEP EIGHT:  Repeat steps four, five and six for the 2nd yardstick.

STEP NINE:  Align the 3rd yardstick with the 2nd yardstick.  Mark the third yardstick where the top of the wood is.  Cut the 3rd yardstick with a chop saw to align with the top of your board.  Again, safety goggles are a must!

STEP TEN:  Again, repeat steps four, five and six for the 3rd yardstick.

STEP ELEVEN:  Use the chalkboard paint to paint your wooden numbers black.  You could paint the numbers directly onto the wood.  I opted for the wooden numbers to add some texture and depth to the ruler.

STEP TWELVE:  Measure from the edge of the board to where you want your numbers place.  For me, I marked them at 3 and 3/8″ from the edge.

STEP THIRTEEN:  Glue the wooden numbers in place

You’re done!  Great job!!



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